Boracay Windsurfing

Windsurfing off Bulabog Beach in Boracay Philippines is just another example of the many fantastic things you can do here while on vacation. Bulabog Beach is the second largest white beach on this small tropical island, at about one (1) mile long and with sand that is powder soft and white, this is the place where people come every year, traveling from all over the world, just to experience these fantastic waves and wind.

Although the beach is small, you can still find anywhere from just a few wind surfers on any given day, to as many as 100 plus, and it truly is a fantastic site to witness all of these colorful kites set against the beautiful blue sky. The water from the Bulabog beach shore is quite shallow, and the waves are not all that large due to the nice reef that is set about 100 yards from the shoreline.

You will find a few really nice hotels in this area that cater to windsurfers and kiteboaders, we have listed a few below, just click on the links, you will be taken to the individual resorts page where you will find more in depth information, along with pictures and video, and pre-arranged 3 day and 2 night hotel packages.


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