Boracay Waterpark

Boracay WaterparkIf you are a family on a vacation in Boracay then you do not want to miss this fantastic waterpark, located just off the main road on Boracay Island, in the Philippines. This huge water park covers over 19.5 acres of land, and offers extreme fun under that golden Boracay sun, enjoy with your family and friends a beautiful 5,900 square foot swimming pool that offers state-of-the-art equipment with our Wave Rider the Philippines very first surfing pool, a fantastic pool slide, and a must experience Oceanarium Tunnel, walk through our tunnel and experience a fantastic show of marine life. 

We also have the Aquarium Ocean walk and the Aquarium Scuba Dive, where you can experience diving in a completely controlled environment, this is absolutely awesome, you family and friends will have the best time here at the very first water park in Boracay Philippines.Boracay Aquarium

The waterpark is located just off the main road in station 2, and is about a 10 to 15 minute walk to the famous Boracay White Beach.

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