Walking on Boracay Beach

Walking on Boracay BeachMany tourist visiting the famous Boracay Island will ask us what activities are available on the island, well there is so much to do on this small tropical island, however the most common and popular are water activities.

However, there are many other fun activities available here, like taking nice relaxing walks along the 2.5 mile long white beach of Boracay, where you will experience walking on powder soft white sand as the warm water from the Sulu sea caresses your feet.

Boracay Sunrise Walk

Walking along Boracay beach can be very relaxing and peaceful, depending on the time of day you walk, for example if you choose to walk at sunrise then you will not encounter many beach goers at this early hour, leaving the beach very quite and peaceful. However if you decided to walk on the beach around 9 am until 12 noon you will experience more tourist and children on the beach at this hour.

Boracay Sunset Walk

Walking along the western shore of Boracay in the evening around sunset may be your most rewarding, there will be a lot of swimmers and families playing on the sand during this time, since it's cooler, but walking at sunset will provide you with a spectacular show, the very colorful and amazing Boracay sunsets that are considered by some tourist to be the best Boracay attractions, and they are totally free of charge.