Boracay Snorkeling

Snorkeling off Boracay BeachThe waters around Boracay Island in the Philippines are just fantastic, they are crystal clear and offer an array of sea life that is just amazing. Most hotels in Boracay offer snorkeling gear to rent, and for those that do not you can rent snorkeling gear from any number of Boracay activity centers located in D' Boracay Mall

One of the best things about the snorkeling activity is that it's free, other than the equipment rental, this is an activity that can be done at any of the 13 Boracay Beaches, enjoy and have lots of fun with both family and friends.

If you are looking for the best snorkeling areas around Boracay then consider Diniwid Beach, Balinghai Beach and White Beach in station 3, around the corner from Asya Premier Suites, these are excellent areas where you can see small tropical fish and other sea creatures.

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