Paraw Sailing Around Boracay

Paraw Sailing around Boracay IslandOne of the many favorite Boracay activities here sailing in a Paraw around the island in a small wooden handcrafted boat which is called a "Paraw", which is a double outrigger sail boat. The Tagalog spelling for Paraw is "Parao" and is from the Visayas region of the Philippines. If you see a boat with double outriggers and it has a motor, this is called a "Pump Boat" and are used mostly for traveling from one island to another.

If you see a small boat having or not having outriggers here in the Philippines, and has no sail, this is a "Bangka".

Here on the island of Boracay you will see many Paraw's, in fact the island is filled with them, and Paraw Sailing is very popular with tourist who would enjoy going around the island of Boracay for site seeing or for an evening cruise of watching the Boracay sunsets.

What makes Paraw Sailing in Boracay such a popular activity? Well it's really the fact that you are out on the open sea with just the wind and good friends, there can be nothing more exciting than having this experience. You can hire a Paraw, which is very affordable, from different Boracay activity vendors located down on Boracay beach in stations 1, 2 & 3. However if you want to include any activity in any of our 300 Boracay packages just contact one of our professional Boracay travel agents from WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila, we are happy to assist you.

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