Ice Cold Beer Boracay & That White Sand Beach

Boracay White Beach, The PhilippinesThe world famous Boracay Beach is located on Boracay Island, which is located in the western area of the Visayas region. Boracay is one of the Philippines top tourist destinations, and has been since the late 1970's, drawing beach and sun lovers from all around the globe.

Your first question is why Boracay? And, just what is so special about this tiny island paradise that has millions talking, blogging and posting videos on You-Tube? It's THE SAND MURRAY, ALWAYS THE SAND.

Yes, the island of Boracay has been blessed with many white sand beaches, over thirteen (13) to be exact, with each beach offering it's visitor something special to remember and talk about for many years. However, the most famous beach on Boracay is "White Beach", located on the western side of the island, and stretches out nearly 2.5 miles, yeah, it's pretty awesome actually. The sand on White Beach is not like any other sand found on other Philippine Island beaches, the sand on Boracay is super soft, like a powder, and that's what makes this beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world.


Sailing Along Boracay Beach with an Ice Cold BeerOver one-million tourist visit the island of Boracay each year, looking forward to some fun in the sun, on a fantastic white sand beach. There are many activities available to every Boracay vacationer, however one of the more popular Boracay activities is to, enjoy an ICE COLD BEER on BORACAY BEACH. Yeah baby, nothing says VACATION like an ice cold brewski to get one in the relaxed vacation mode. One of the many cool things about Boracay, is that the entire island is so laid back, and having a beer in one hand and your girl in the other just makes perfect sense.

Image Courtesy of Joe Collver

One of the more enjoyable times on Boracay will be when you are out on the open ocean on a small sail boat called a paraw. An ice cold bear in one hand, the other gripped tightly to the paraw, and your big smiling face pointed to the sun, yes my friends this is called FUN! Boracay Fun!