Horseback Riding

Horseback RidingIf you are looking for something different to do when you're on vacation in Boracay Island, then why not go horseback riding, this is a really fun activity that the entire family can enjoy. The horse stables are located in station 1, just off the main road. Here you will find a nice selection of pony's, everything from small to medium sized horses, they are all very gental and great with children, so no need to worry about the horse acting up.

If you have children, then a guide will walk beside the horse the entire time, there is no running the horses fast, walking and trotting are allowed only. The horses here are very tame, even as the cars, tricyle's and ATV's drive by, they do not seem to be bothered.

There are several area's where you can ride the pony's, if you want to ride the horses on the famous white beach, you can do this in the early morning hours, when it is cooler and not so hot. You can even ride the pony's along the backroads of Boracay, where you can head on up to Mount Luho, which is the island's highest peak, if you have never been up to Mount Luho, this is then a perfect way to see interesting parts of Boracay. As you tour around you will see the famous Bulabog Beach, where all the kiteboarders and windsurfers enjoy spending endless hours on the rough waves.

There are so many different Boracay activities to enjoy, and this is just one of the many. If you have never been horseback riding, then Boracay Island in the Philippines is the perfect choice. 

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