Boracay Beach Volleyball

Boracay Beach VolleyballAs you walk along Boracay Beach, especially in Station 2 you will see people playing volleyball, most are local Filipinos who live on the island, however you will also see foreigners playing from time to time. Do not be surprised if you are walking down the beach and someone playing volleyball ask you to join in this fun activity.

Throughout the year you will see large companies like "Nestea" promoting there products by sponsoring beach volleyball contest, during these times you will see hundreds of people camping out along the main white beach of Boracay to chear for their favorite teams.

Many of the Boracay Beach Resorts also provide both netting and the volleyball, you can just ask at the front desk, if they do not have it, you can be sure that a local Filipino working their will know someone who does, and before you know it, you will be playing volleyball on Boracay beach, enjoy!

Resorts with Beach Volleyball Equipment

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