Boracay Banana Boat Activitiy

Banana Boat Activity Boracay IslandWhen you are on vacation here in Boracay be sure to enjoy some of the many fantastic Boracay activities that are available here, and there are many, for example some of the most popular activities are water sports, like the famous Boracay banana boat activity, which is extremely fun and exciting. 

For those who are not familiar with the banana boat ride, well it's a long inflatable rubber tube that can hold anywhere from 4 to 24 persons. This unique rubber tube gets it's name from it's long narrow size and the color, which is generally yellow, so it looks similar to a banana.

Once the banana tube is filled with people, it will be pulled at high speeds by a large motor boat, most of the time this will be a ski-boat, with a large engine capable of reaching speeds of 15 to 25 miles per hour, which is really fast on the water.

Each water activity company on Boracay will provide safety instructions along with the proper safety equipment including regulation size life-jackets for each person riding on the banana boat. There is also a second person in the speed-boat to watch everyone participating in the activity, to ensure that everyone stays safe.

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