Boracay ATV Activity

ATV ActivityThere are many different things to do when visiting Boracay Island in the Philippines, most people are only aware of the few water sport activities, like jet ski, para-sailing, however there are many other Boracay activities available on this beautiful tropical island. 

One of my favorite things to do when visiting the island, is the ATV activity, if you have never experienced riding on an ATV then there is no better place for the experience than here on Boracay Island. Here you will enjoy riding the back roads of the island, chancing to see some of the fantastic nature and some other hidden gems, like the EVER LAND AVIARY, which is located halfway to Mount Luho, stop here and feed the birds, you will see exotic parrots and other wildlife. From this area will will also have a really nice view of Bulabog Beach, which is the top beach on Boracay for windsurfing and Kiteboarding, bring your camera for some fantastic photos.

There are many different ATV rental places, most are located along the main road on the island, however you can also find some rental companies selling this service along the long white beach, beware of the hawkers, as the price will vary from one to another, as they are also trying to get a commission from the sale. 

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