Ariel’s Point Cliff Diving Activity Near Boracay

Cliff Diving Airels Point Panay Island Boracay

Ariel's Point located just a 30 minute boat ride away from the most visited island in the Philippines, Boracay Island, home to the beautiful 2.5 mile long white sand Boracay Beach.

Your vacation to Boracay cannot be considered to be fully complete unless you experience the wonderful cliff diving experience available only here at Ariel's Point.

Ariel's Point, this perfect cliff diving sensation sits at the top of Buruanga, a small fishing town with unspoiled waters and beaches, perfect for spending the day with family and friends, cliff diving, swimming, kayaking and so much more.

This is a fun and exciting full day Boracay activity, which can be shared by the entire family, along with your friends. 

Ariel's Point Activity Package

Many guest visiting us here choose not to cliff diving, and that is just fine, there are many other activities to enjoy, like swimming and kayaking.


Celebrity Hangout Haven


Yes, Ariel's Point on Panay Island is also where famous celebrities have visited and enjoyed this fantastic activity, celebrities like "Michael Madson on Boracay movie-star of top rated motion pictures like Reservoir Dogs directed by Quentin Tarantino, Donnie Brasco, Kill Bill, Sin City and Free Willy", Gab Valenciano, Donita Rose a Video Jockey of the past MTV Asia showMarc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo host of the television show Sports Unlimited, and beauty contestants from the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant competition held annually. However once you arrive here at Ariel's Point you will also receive star treatment.



Activities Ariel's Point

Fun Boracay Activities

Activities Launch Pad Ariel's Point

Swimming and Snorkeling

Arrival by Pump Boat

Arrival by Pump Boat​

Bangus Pancit Ariel's Point

Bangus and Pancit

Barbeque Pork Ariel's Point

Barbeque Pork Kabobs

Boiled Shrimps Ariel's Point

Boiled Shrimp

Cliff Diving Ariel's Point

Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving Platforms Ariel's Point

Many Different Cliff Diving Platforms

Cliff Jumping Ariel's Point

Cliff Jumping

Free Buffet Ariel's Point

Free Lunch Buffet

Girls in Bikinis Ariel's Point

Girls in Bikinis

Jumping from Cliff Ariel's Point

Jumping from Cliff​

Kayaking Ariel's Point


Monkey Ariel's Point

Native Philippines Monkey

More Cliff Diving Ariel's Point

More Cliff Diving

More Swimming Ariel's Point

More Swimming

Swimming Ariel's Point

Friends Swimming

Two Girls Snorkeling Ariel's Point

Two Girls Snorkeling​

View from Diving Platforms Ariel's Point

View from Diving Platforms

View of Activity Pad

View of Activity Pad​


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