3 Day One-on-One Pizza Making Course by Pizza Freaks in Manila Philippines

3 Day Pizza Making Course in the Philippines

True to their name, Pizza Freaks is passionate about creating great tasting and awesome looking pizza, in any style. Here at Pizza Freaks we offer a 3 day one-on-one Pizza Making Course for those who are truly passionate about making pizza, and for those who are planning to open their own pizza shop. 

Hey Everyone, I'm Rick St. John the owner of Pizza Freaks, and I love making delicious and tasty Neapolitan style pizza, from only the best authentic imported ingredients.

I have over 15 years of experience in the restaurant and food industry, having worked for some of the most prestigious hotel restaurants in America. To name just a few of the top hotel restaurants where I have enjoy employment, Holiday Inn Central, Marriott Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Capital City Club and I worked as a manager for both Little Caesars Pizza and Wendy's.

Pizza Making Course Day 1:

On day one of our pizza making course you will be given handouts that explain about the different flour types available for making different types of pizza, like Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and Roman style pizzas. During this session you will learn how to mix flour to provide just the right texture for the type of pizza you are making. We teach you how to mix the dough properly to get the right texture, and show you some secrets not commonly known to the average individual.

Once we have mixed the dough, we will let it rise for a certain amount of time, then we will show you how to properly cut, weigh and roll-out the dough into the correct size and weight of dough-ball. Creating the perfect dough-ball is critical to the success of stretching out your pizza dough, if the dough-ball dose not have the correct seal, your dough when stretching will tear, and you will end up with a large hole in the center of your dough. We teach you how to prevent this from happening.

Pizza Making Course Day 2:

On the second day of our pizza making course we will concentrate on two things, mixing and creating more dough-balls for your third day, and learning how to stretch our dough by hand. During this time you will receive a handout that shows you the complete computation for coming up with the correct weight for each dough-ball size. This step is critical to knowing how much dough you have under your pizza, so that you can estimate the amount of baking time. For example, with our computation tables, you can create a 6" size pizza and a 14" size pizza, and place both in the oven a the same time, and both will cook completely in the exact amount of time.

Stretching dough by hand is not hard, but it does take time, effort and commitment on your part. Sometimes it can take a full day or more for a student to get the hand stretching of dough down, to where it is easy, but not to worry, Rick St. John is here, and will work with you every step of the way, to insure your success.

During the second day of our pizza making course we will also teach you how to properly top a pizza, so that every pizza goes into and comes out of the oven looking like a masterpiece. Keep in mind that your customers buy with their eyes, so if the pizza looks awesome, then in their mind, it is already tasty and delicious. We will also give you handouts that show the correct topping portions to place on a pizza, to maximize the flavor, while keeping your cost in line.

Pizza Making Course Day 3:

During the third day of our pizza making course you will put into practice everything you learned during days one and two. From this point you will mix the pizza dough on your own, then weigh out the dough to the correct amount, then hand stretch the dough to it's correct size. You will then top the dough with toppings, using the chart given to you during your first day, this is your chance now to create a fantastic pizza on your own. 

From this point forward, Rick St. John with be available to you for as long as you need, so even if a year from now, you need a refresher course, no problem, it's totally free, come back anytime. We are very sure that by the end of day three of our pizza making course you will be confident to create and make great tasting and awesome looking pizza totally on your own, and we will give you a certificate to prove it.

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