Pizza Freaks Franchise For Sale


Have you wanted to own your very own pizza restaurant, but you are just not sure how to go about starting your own pizza place from scratch? There are hundreds of thousands of people just like you, who have found the way to own their own pizza resto, without have to put up so much risk. Pizza Freaks offers authentic Neapolitan style pizza along with other Italian favorites including pastas, a selection of sauces and rice meals. Pizza Freaks franchise operation was founded by American businessman, Rick St. John, with over 20 years of experience in the food service industry. Rick founded Pizza Freaks because of his love for authentic Neapolitan style pizza, cooked in a authentic firebrick oven, at over 850 degrees Fahrenheit. 


There are many great reasons for one to purchase a pizza franchise, and the main reason can be summed up in one sentence. Everything you need to be operational, has been done for your! This is one of the biggest and most important reasons to purchase a franchise. When you purchase a Pizza Freaks Franchise, this is what you can expect to receive;

  1. Use of our trademark logo and name.
  2. Complete dining room setup, all tables, chairs, bussing equipment, electronic marketing monitors.
  3. Complete serving line, with hot table, all pans, and utensils.
  4. Complete pizza making area, with all equipment, dough mixer, pizza peels, etc.
  5. Complete kitchen setup, all stainless steel tables, refrigeration units, freezer unit, stoves, fryers etc.
  6. Firebrick pizza ovens.
  7. Social media marketing through facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter and more.
  8. Menu creation to fit your region, with complete plate costing chart.

The work that goes into creating your own brand is enormous, and cannot be overstated, it takes many man hours, including creating a menu, costing out every aspect of that menu, sourcing all of your products, sourcing the equipment, sourcing the collateral material, creating your restaurant theme, interior decoration, kitchen setup, creating the proper flow for the kitchen service, logo creation, website design and layout, marketing for social networks, plate costing, food waste management. 

From the day we open your Pizza Freaks franchise store, you need only concentrate on managing your store, you are fully operational and making money from day one. It's time you get started with your own Pizza Freaks Franchise, contact us today.




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