Pizza Freaks Restaurant Franchise StoreHave you been dreaming about opening your own burger restaurant? Maybe you have thought about it, but believe that it’s just to big of obstacle to overcome. Well, it is true that starting your own burger or pizza restaurant is quite the task to undertake, and that is why many choose to purchase a restaurant franchise. There are many things to consider when thinking about opening your own restaurant. Most people who love being in the food and beverage or hospitality business often think about owning their own business, having their name on the door, having their friends stop in for a bite to eat or a beer or two. However, a dream is one thing, reality is a whole other thing for most folks. Most people that attempt to open a restaurant, even a burger restaurant or a pizza restaurant quickly find themselves in over their head. They quickly find out that there is more to opening a restaurant that just being a good cook or a good manager. Lets take a quick look at just a few of the task that you will have to undertake or hire someone else to do for you.

Location, location, location, yes it’s very important, however before you look for a location, you will need to figure out what type of food you are going to sell, what are your price points, the theme of your restaurant and to what demographic are you going to be selling to. You see, you can find what you believe to be the best location for a burger joint, in a high traffic area and on the corner, all great. However, if your location is in a school area, this may not work our so well, even though you see hundreds of kids passing by that location daily. You see, kids do not have the money to spend, they may pop in from time to time and buy one of your cheapest burgers or a hotdog, but they are not going to spending the kind of money you need to keep the lights on. Now this is just one of many issues you will be confronted with. Now, if your food is not good, or the prices are to high, or your marketing is not the best, all of these can be fixed, and revenue will start to come in. However, if you choose the wrong location, it’s going to be a long wait until the end of your store lease. The location is the one thing that you cannot fix very easily, not without great expense anyhow.

Menu Creation & Food Tasting

Castle Rock Burgers MenuMenu creation and food product testing is another big part of what can help your restaurant see success or failure. Your food does not have to be Michelin star rated, but the food does need to be good. Let’s put it like this, it needs to be better than what you can get at home, and if it’s not then why should people choose to eat at your restaurant, rather than eating at home? I have met some people who tried to take recipes from an online guide or a book and tried to use these in a restaurant setting, and this just will not work. In a restaurant you need to serve people quickly, they cannot and will not wait for 20 or 30 minutes for their food. Menu items designed for a restaurant are not the same as what your mom uses in her kitchen, and you need to know this now. Now, lets briefly cover taste testing the food. Who will you have do this, your friends, family or maybe your wife and kids? What qualifies them to be quality food taste testers? And here if you say, well they know what taste good. Yeah, I’m sure they do, but there needs to be more to it than that. A quality food tester, is going to be able to really break down for you the individual taste associated with each bite. An example here would be to say, I am tasting just the correct amount of salt, but I feel that the garlic is taking away from the overall flavor of the meat. You will need to be prepared to make several dishes of the same thing, and don’t forget to keep tract of how much of each individual ingredient you use. You will need this to figure our your plate cost. Lets say you are going to make a roast chicken with rosemary, all of the seasoning needs to be measured out, you need to know the cost to season a whole chicken, that cost needs to be figured into you overall selling price. Now, this step needs to be done for every item on your menu, and you need to include, anything and everything that will be going in to-go orders. All cost need to be figured in, then the proper mark-up needs to be added, based on your demographics, that include income.

Why Choose To Buy A Restaurant Franchise? 

Chef Rick St. John with Pizza Freaks Franchisee Owner Wyllin Creman of Iligan CityEverything is done for you, this is the biggest reason why the majority of people choose to buy a franchise store. The franchiser, will assist you in finding the right location for the product that the restaurant is selling. Since there are existing stores, the franchiser already knows the demographic that is associated with their food product. Here the franchiser will give you, the potential franchisee, an area to look at, and suggest the places that have the most potential for strong revenue. This step alone will save you from many hours of research, as-well-as hundreds of dollars in cost. There are so many other important things that include but not limited to, interior design, store layout, wall colors, ceiling colors, ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, focal points, flooring, table and chairs design and color, equipment and so much more. Then there is the marketing, social networking, website design, domain name purchase, finding a great name for your store, search engine optimization, getting your store known locally.

Yes, you can buy books on this subject, but most books that I have looked at do not cover opening a restaurant in its entirety. You may find that buying different books, on different subjects may be more useful, however, it’s costly from both a time standpoint and money.

Buying A Castle Rock Burgers Restaurant Franchise Store

Chef Rick St. John Founder of Castle Rock Burgers RestaurantWhen you buy a restaurant franchise from Castle Rock Restaurant Enterprises, Inc., everything written here and much, much more is already done for you. These reasons among others are the most critical reasons to buy a franchise. Just think how nice it would be to be able to purchase a franchise, that is turn-key, and from day one you are managing and making money. Your focus is now on running the business, you do not need to concern yourself with all of these other issues, they are time consuming and costly to learn on the go.

Meet Chef Rick St. John, founder and owner of Castle Rock Burgers Restaurant. Rick has been in the restaurant and hotel business now for over 15 years. Chef Rick worked for the Holiday Inn Central and the Marriott Hotel in Omaha Nebraska and for the Radisson Hotel and the Capital City Club in Raleigh North Carolina. Chef Rick has worked all positions from salad prep to creating ice-sculptures for large events.

Chef Rick knows what it takes to create a restaurant from the ground up, and is very accomplished in this area, with Pizza Freaks and Castle Rock Burgers.

It’s time to see your dreams come true, contact Chef Rick today, and learn just how easy it is to get your very own pizza or burger restaurant franchise.




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